Building the platform for emotional AI

We're innovating on a new type of large language model that provides human-like empathy and companionship. Coming Soon.

Stay tuned.
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Inventing at the cutting edge of Generative AI

We're a partially remote, partially NYC based team from the top AI research labs like Google Brain, Microsoft Research and FAIR. Reach out if you think you're a fit!

Ryan Benmalek, PhD


Dhruv Malik, MS


Xiang Zhang, PhD

Chief Scientist

Prasanth Somasundar

Head of Engineering
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Our Principles

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Data Privacy. Always.

We don't sell, share or exchange our user data with anyone. That means no advertising.

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Empowerment, Not Engagement

Our AI models are built to help our users be their best self. We don't optimize for engagement, dopamine loops or addictiveness.

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Respect and Empathy

Our AI models show respect for users of all backgrounds, and are safe to interact with for all ages.